Pickup Information

Pleasantville Winter Pickup
400 Bedford Road
at the Presbyterian Church parking lot.
9 am to 11:30 am on Saturday
 Drive up to the parking lot at the church
Tell us your name
Stay in your Car and We will load it
Fast and Simple
Neversink Farm Pickup
Barn at 635 Claryville Road in Claryville
Turn into the farm drive which has
A "Neversink Farm" sign hanging from the tree.
3 pm to 7 pm
There is no purchasing produce at the farm. 
You will park and enter the Barn ONLY.
The door will be open. Inside the orders will be on the tables in crates.
Find the crate with your name.
Take your bag and please leave the crate. 
All Pickups:
Face masks worn properly are a requirement.
Orders not picked up will be donated and no refund given