Market Farm Tools

The following is my list of essential market farm tools that I use at Neversink

I try to keep this updated as I change and improve my farm while utilizing the best and latest tools


Paperpot Transplanter - It is a big investment but the cost is returned pretty quickly. I use this extensively for annual herbs, spinach, cress, and any tightly spaced but hard to germinate crop. Use this discount code for 5% off - @neversink_paperpot_5

Four row pinpoint seeder - You will need a smooth bed that is free of junk to use this seeder. If you have those conditions, then this is the lightest and easiest seeder available for tightly spaced and small seeded crops like arugula and radish.

Jang Seeders - When your farm is ready for the next level, then this is the best and most accurate push seeder made. Perfect for small seed and certainly larger seed that mashes up the brushes on the pinpoint seeder like spinach or beets. Use this discount code for 5% off - @neversink_paperpot_5


Greens Harvestor - AN absolute must if growing a lot of baby greens. It can even be used with multi-leaf lettuces like Salanova.


Mutineer Hoe - I recommend the pacifist wire master kit and the colinear kit. With that setup, you can keep a small farm weed free with regular cultivation. Later one can easily upgrade to using the Rebellion.

Flame Weeder 


Winstrip Trays - If you want to be fast and efficient in the propagation house, and have a tool that will last for decades then this is the only choice. Soil blocks are really inefficient, problematic, and are really hard to use seeders with. Winstrips bring all the benefits of root pruning and air flow but are super fast and easy.