Open Positions at The Farm

Once filled, the listing will be removed, so if it is listed, then it is still open.

Interns / Volunteers

While we understand that it is a common practice to do so among most small scale farms, Neversink does not trade food, education or housing for labor. All employees are covered by workers comp and disability, and paid a reasonable hourly wage.

There is a long history of Agriculture taking advantage of labor. Neversink does not wish to continue that trend and as a result does not take on interns, volunteers, or woofers.

Conor, however, greatly desires to educate beginning farmer's and thus chooses to separate education from the business of farming through free YouTube videos, on-site workshops, online education and his “beginning farmer project.” We hope some of those resources can be of value to you. 

The Neversink Team

We are looking for self motivated and responsible people to join our growing team at Neversink Farm.

Position Filled - There are currently no open positions.

Wash House Attendant and Field Hand

This is a full time permanent position. Before applying, you must live in NY near the farm which is in Claryville.

Position starts: Position Filled

Hourly - $23

Working Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 9am to 6pm or later. Depending on the season.

Responsibilities include all wash station and field tasks; washing, packing, bagging, cultivating, weeding, planting, turning over beds and general farm tasks

To apply for a position:

Do Not Come to the Farm

Send us an email with Subject "Employment" and answer the following 


Send email to

1) Your Phone Number and current address.
2) Your age (farm work only - you must be mature enough for physical and risky farm work)
3) Farm work - Your farming or physical labor experience with three references. Include their phone number, email., and The dates you worked for them.
4) Your availability (dates and time) to come to the farm for an interview. Weekdays only.
5) The date you wish to start working and intended length of stay
6) State that you understand a drug test is required. (We don't care about marijuana)
7) Do you have a current drivers license?
8) Are you legal to work in the United States?
9) Are you able to work weekends and do you have any prior commitments that would bar you from working any days during the season?
10) Explanation of why you would be great fit at Neversink Farm
11) Which position are you applying for?